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    Our Academy

    Meytaqui Academy was founded in 1983, making us a school with vast teaching experience. Since 1983 we have offered courses within several different areas, specializing today on Language Courses for foreigners and Steward Training to work up in the air as well as on the ground.

    If you like to:

    • Travel
    • Meet new people
    • Know new cultures
    Then your future begins with us!
    hostess vuelo volo

    We offer high quality courses at affordable prices. We are proud of our learning-optimized environment. Our vast teaching experience qualifies us as leader of professional education as well as providing our students with the necessary tools to acquire the knowledge they need for their training and personal development, preparing them for a competitive job market which is constantly being renewed.

    We offer a wide range of courses, levels and schedules. We guarantee that we regularly check the quality of our courses.

    Our courses

    Language Courses
    We offer many different Spanish courses at reasonable prices. We have courses for everyone and always do our best to create dynamic class groups which benefit every single student. Our Spanish courses are certified by CEELE, certifying the quality in Teaching of Spanish as Foreign Language.

    academia y curso de azafata de vuelo

    Flight Attendant
    You will obtain an official flight attendant certificate. This certificate allows you to work as flight attendant in the entire world. The course is certified by Spain's most important institutions, including the Ministerio de Fomento, the Ministerio de Interior, and the Departament d'Educació of the Generalitat de Catalunya. You can see our credentials here.

    While you do the course we offer you more than 480 hours of Spanish lessons.

    If you prefer to work on the ground you can apply for the P.R Steward course. This course focuses on Steward training to work at airports, cruises, trains, receptions, etc.

    Our teachers

    Our teachers are the foundation of our school. Therefore we demand a high degree of professionalism from all our teachers. They have all passed a rigorous selection process and have specific training and a wide experience within their area of teaching.

    At the same time we greatly emphasize the education of our teachers. We do this through training sessions within all subjects that are relevant to our courses.

    flight assistant

    Our facilities

    Meytaqui Academy has high quality facilities available with the objective of maximizing the development of our students.

    The academy is located in the very centre of Barcelona (Eixample district) close to the Entença metro station and the Sants Estació train station.

    Welcome to Meytaqui Academy.

    Meytaqui Academy S.L.
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