Students Say

Feedback from our Students:

Through Meytaqui Academy I found the job I had always been looking for and with a good salary. The Academy was of great help in finding a job.
Marco / Flight Attendant
Meytaqui Academy was the best option I could have chosen, and my dream came true. I really liked the teaching methodology.
Rosmery / Hostess
The course of  Trains, Ships, Hotels and Airport Service, when was finished, opened to me a great possibility of Jobs and this made me to choose what I could be.
Silvia / Airport Hostess
I came out of Spain to do this course because one of my closest and bestfriends who are pilots advised me to attend in this school.  I believed in me that I pursue my  goal and here. I am with my Dream Job.
Daniela / Flight Attendant
Teachers and all the Instructors are so well prepared and very friendly. This made me to enjoy more the course and understand well what I was supposed to do even when it seems difficult.
Barbara / Flight Attendant
Now I am working in Ave Train Company; I would really say it's a good school.
Montse / Trains Hostess
I was so happy making practice inside the Real Airplane and inside the Airport.
Jenny / Flight Attendant
First of all thanks to all the teachers and the Entire Staff of Meytaqui Academy. Practical to Air Europa was great and now I am Enjoying my Job.
Cristina / Flight Attendant
The Official Title that I  received  from the Government, gave me a chance to work all over the world.
Marta / Flight Attendant
Thanks so much of all of you , my dream came true , now I came to know many cultures.
Federica / Flight Attendant
Doing practice on the Real Airplane was something great and amazing.
Maria / Flight Attendant
Very happy especially with the teachers and Instructors from Iberia, British and Emirates. They prepare you very well to face the interviews from different  Company.
Adriana / Flight Attendant
Excellent, well organized and professionalism ,  i like it. Coming out of Spain to do this course, I would recommend it!
Fumiko / Flight Attendant
I would like to thank Meytaqui for its teaching quality. All the teachers met in my classes showed evidently an excellent education and strong knowledge of the Spanish grammar. Moreover, they know how to catch the students’ attention and create a really nice environment in the class. I will always be grateful to Meytaqui for giving me the opportunity to study, learn, and have a great time here!
With specialized teachers, Meytaqui puts its students at ease in the classrooms giving you an easy way learning Spanish. Besides, the audiovisual contents used in the class helped me a lot. I achieved a good level of Spanish in just 2 weeks! I recommend Meytaqui: easy, enjoyable, and dynamic language courses!
I speak Spanish now thanks to the methodology used in the school. I will never forget the time passed here. I´ll give you a tip, choose Meytaqui!
Thanks to Meytaqui I can now understand and speak Spanish. The extra-academic activities were exciting and very useful; visiting museums, cinema, theatre, and all the activities done with the teachers helped me a lot!
I am what I am thanks to Meytaqui Academy.
Jordi / Flight Attendant